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Blood Donation Camp 2015 by SVAM Power Plants

Blood Donation Camp - 2012

Blood Donation Camp - 2012

We had organized blood donation camp on 2015 on our premises. In this noble cause, our Director's also donated blood in this camp. Total 58 persons donated blood in this camp and Rotary Blood Bank team has collected blood.



Safety Campaign

SVAM Power Safety Campaign

SVAM Power Safety Campaign

We had organized a safety campaign on 2015. This was one week campaign on Work, Road and safety at home. Experts delivered lectures, given demo and road show by our staff member. In road show our staff members disturbed drinking water, broacher on road safety and explained the benefit of seat belt to car drivers who were driving without wearing seat belt. Bikers who were without helmet or helmet were not properly tucked.



Soft-Skill Training for Managerial Staff

We had organized a soft skill training programme at our Gurgaon office on 2015 with the help of Hero Mindmine trainer. This training was aimed to improve the soft skill ( Email writing, Interacting with customer) of our Managers and Senior Staff members. The training was helpful for business development and to improve future prospective. All the Managers and senior staff (22 Persons) from our five offices attended the training.


Point's Covered During The Soft-Skill Training:

  1. Develop the necessary skills for business writing.
  2. Plan and organize thoughts and ideas in a systematic manner.
  3. Use correct language necessary for written accuracy.
  4. Use suitable vocabulary to get the right message across with the right tone.
  5. Apply these skills to frequently used business communication.
  6. Learn to punctuate your business communication.
  7. Learn the basic principals of effective business writing:
    (a) Grammar (b) Propositions (c) Article (c) Nouns & Verbs
  8. The 7C'S of Business writing:
    a) Complete-Mind mapping & seven steps to writing
    b) Categorized-Prioritizing the main points & writing introduction and conclusion
    c) Clear-Deciding on layout style & using paragraphs bullets 
    d) Concise-Shortening sentences & linking sentences  
    e) Courteous –Using formal words and expressions
    f) Categorical –Using emphatic words and expressions 
    g) Correct –Grammar rule, punctuation rules and spelling practice
  9. Plain language check list:
    (a) Who is my audience
    (b) What do I want to say.
    (c) Organizing ideas
    (d) Use appropriate words
    (e) Cut off unnecessary words
  10. E-mail writing- CC, BCC, Subject field, Salutation field, Body area and Signature area
  11. Rules of E-mail Etiquette

The training was appreciated by all participants.

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