Introduction Cummins PULSE Dynamo Heavy Duty is a Zero Maintenance Industrial Battery specially designed for the heavy duty applications of construction and mining industry. Withstanding the extreme climatic condition and providing assured starting capability every time is a feature of Pure Lead-Tin Thin plate technology. This is based on oxygen recombination principle which does not require any topping up during it’s lifetime. That’s why we say. it’s a truly maintenance free battery.


Suitable for all types of Earth moving and Material handling equipments mainly used in Mining and Construction sector.

Features & Benefits

Maintenance free VRLA design: Sealed system requires no battery topping up or specific gravity checks, resulting in following benefits:

  • No flowing electrolyte
  • No spillage of battery acid
  • No corrosion orsuiphation of battery terminals.

Cranking currents: This product gives 300% higher cold cranking ampere (CCA) than any other conventional flooded batteries. Reaclyto use

  • Compact & light weight for easy handling
  • Pre-assembled battery & charger
  • Filled & factory charged battery


  • High battery power capability for guaranteed starting
  • Consistent perlormance throughout battery life and absence of sudden death
  • Charger ensures that battery is always kept fully charged


  • 24* months unmatched warranty