SVAM Engineering

Svam engineering a super distributor for Cummins Sub -12 KVA DG gets. Cummins has recently launched these sets in January 2010. Small and compact but packing a powerful punch – the new X 1.3 series of 7.5 KVA and 10 KVA generators sets ideally describe the saying “Big things come in small packages”.

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Why buy a Cummins Sub12KW (7.5kVA to 10kVA) DG Set


  • If you would observe the dimension, ours is the smallest set and is very compact compared to the other sets as well as the silencer is mounted inside the enclosure unlike the other sets where the silencer is mounted outside which is just unsafe.
  • If you would look at the weight, our set is lowest in weight and have a single lifting point and the set can be lifted easily to any place because of the low weight and single lifting hook.
  • The fuel consumption for 10 kVA as given in this comparison is 3.3 liters per hour at 80% load. Compared to this, the lowest fuel consumption for other competitive make is 4.4 liters per hour thus saving of over 1 liter per hour for fuel. Presuming the set is running minimum of 2500 hours a year there would be a saving of 2500 liters of diesel costing approx. Rs. 1 lakh  and thus the complete pay back period for this set would work out to approx. 2.5 years and in some cases 3 years. This is the biggest advantage of Cummins.
  • PS 500 has been provided only on this set which includes all mechanical and electrical parameters and inbuilt safety features of high water temperature tripping,  low oil pressure tripping, over speeding etc.  Similarly an electronic governor has been provided compared to the mechanical governor on other set. This ensures immediate response and the set can take loads without any jerk.
  • The engine has been provided with the Radiator which can take temperature upto 50°C. The competitive makes are air cooled and thus after running for 4-6 hours they have to be stopped for cooling.  Since Cummins engine has a radiator cooling which can run in the higher ambient temperature upto 50°C you can run it continuously without stopping.
  • The warranty of the set is two years or 5000 hours whichever is earlier from the date of purchase and the service network is spread all over the country with the offices in every nook and corner.