Repair Recon

ReCon Exchange is a program that allows you to exchange part of or even a complete engine which needs to be replaced, for a reconditioned or rebuilt product offered by Cummins instead of repairing or rebuilding it at your in-house facility.

Advantages of ReCon Exchange:

  • Downtime is minimized as ReCon engine is delivered before old engine is picked up
  • All repairs are at fixed prices
  • Fast delivery period of about 5-6 weeks
  • Transport, inspection and estimate-approval are all systemized eliminating delays
  • Various product improvements are incorporated in ReCon engines
  • Reduced Inventory ReCon Scheme helps our customers to reduce their inventory and storage costs, as well as product obsolescence issues
  • Warranty support for one year or 3,600 hours, whichever is earlier, from the date of dispatch of the engine.

Please contact us for availability of ReCon engines and components; we would be pleased to assist you.